Monday, September 04, 2006

Time to leave (IIIT)

I successfully defended my M.S thesis and I have joined the job. Its hard to imagine how fast things can change in just two days but then they did. Didn't get much time to feel nostalgic etc. during the change which spanned only a weekend (barely half Saturday and full Sunday) and the time was spent just partying with friends.

Friends should excuse me for my irregularness in chatting/orkuting/blogging during the past few days as I have been little(?) busy, now that I have time, you won't get chance to complaint, hopefully.

[Important Update: 08/08/2006]
Important disclaimer:
This might seem not so essential but as they say precaution is better than cure. I want to make it clear that the ideas and opinions that appear on this blog are totally my own and have no relation to that of my employer's views on those topics. Even ideas previously expressed here come in that category and shouldn't be associated with my employer's stand on that topic.

There is also a change in the sidebar from my status as a student now changed to being employed. :)