Sunday, October 15, 2006

The VIE Bangalore trip

As noted earlier in this blog post I had my first paper accepted in VIE-2006. September 27th happened to be the day of my presentation and I went to Bangalore for the same day. It was a short but nice trip. I enjoyed the whole of it, specially the return by Air Sahara to witness the clouds from above for the first time.

VIETrip 051 VIETrip 150

VIETrip 135

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VIETrip 173 VIETrip 084

The venue for the conference was Leela palace and that was another interesting thing. If you don't know Leela Palace is supposed to be beyound 5 Star hotel. Some say its 6* some say its 7* I dunno and don't care much :). The hotel was grand and good, food was good too, specially because vegetarian items were unusually dominant. During the lunch, we had company of two other researchers one from Pakistan and other from Ireland(originally Russian) and we discussed whole lot of things include food, academics and others.

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VIETrip 109

In the evening we walked to Ranjith's Office( Sarnoff Labs) and after that Balu's office ( RIYA). The traffic etc in Bangalore is really horrible as ppl say about it. and it indeed takes lot of time to travel some distances in the city but the city seems to be growing in infrastructure sense to take up the rising demands.

VIETrip 089

Couldn't meet almost anyone in the trip because of the trafic and distance reason and lack of time, will try to stay for longer time and explore more of Bangalore over my next trip. Oh btw Ranjith, Natraj, Bala manohar and Srujan, played wonderful hosts, so next time u are in bangalore you know where to go for stay :)