Monday, August 30, 2004


Finally got a mail from sister, after knowing that she has sent a Speed Post on 25 Aug., I went to ask if they were mixed with the courier and "Discovered" that they were handled by the Office. Prabha madam was on phone, so when I asked him, she, I donot know in which sense asked my name and said no. But then dixit asked her for his speed post and I discovered that mine was there!!!!

This has been a wonderful day after that. With the system thinking class ending without much usefull work. My state of not being well (as against well being) continued, and I spoilt the complete day without studying anything. Went to doctor and got some medicine. Some relief seems to be there but not much.

On the other side work is accumulating. Linux Users Group Admin and Mods have to be selected we have to then think of sponsership for our T-shirt/Jacqet. Meanwhile I got a mail invitation for Linux Desktop Conference to be held on 25 Sept., which unfortunately happens to be my PR exam day.

In other news I got a courier from Fedora Community with a pack of 8 CDs of Fedora Core 2.

Clarified about checking of networks assignment with Mr Rawat.

Thats all for today. Let me get well then I will be more efficient in writting blogs. :)

Friday, August 27, 2004

On Birthday of Linux 25th August.

It has been long been in my mind to have Linux T-shirts for our LUG. On the occasion of the Linux B'day, We gave invitation for 3rd year students to come forward to take our LUG admin posts. By tomorrow, I plan to annouce the LUG admin. It will be the first duty of the new Admin to take care of this bussiness.

I have already stopped attending the EIS classes now and I am comtemplating dropping one course.

English course already seems to be trouble, with sir declaring that he was unhappy with our behaviour and will not continue the course.

Watched "Girl Next Door"

Nice movie. Rating 9/10. On Bedi's suggestion I watched this movie. Thanks Bedi.

What I liked and may be interpreted as a message.
1) The guy was completely taken away by this girls beauty.
2) He spoilt his career for her, without knowing what she would mean to her.
3) Spoilt his career (almost, it never actually happens to Heros), thinking of her all the time.
4) Did not knew about the producer with this girl but did trust him and finally got cheated by him.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Nice lecture by Professor Nori

Today we had another thought provoking lecture by Professor Nori. I would try to summarize the lecture which was not a thing someone could have missed. I say this more and more because I feel the way he speaks with all experience in his life, anyone would be inspired.

1) We Indians have developed this habit of working under someone, We have been doing it so long and so succesfully that we often miss the chance to see, that we can be technology creators too, Rather than always being a follower.
2) Technology creation gives someone a lead which is not otherwise possible by just immitating the technology, he gave the idea of PDA11's immitation that was tried in India and which failed. The product failed because they had only very limited knowledge of the Architecture, which was sufficient to emulate the current one, but what would they do when the newer version comes out.
3) The reason for Americas Economic sucess is the small time they take in coverting an idea of R&D in to product. In India we have very seldom people trying for R&D and people want to be safe with just doing service as it gives instant result, R&D requires repeated attempts before tasting any success.
4) We need to think broad and before that realize that we can do so. He gave the exam of JAVA's architecture creation wrt to creation of something similar for Banks. Something like a specific computer which is specialized for banks.
5) He disked about the book "Discipline of Programming" by Diakstra , in which he discusses the GCM problem and gives a sulution rather gives his approach towards the problem. He said you may think as why he must have choosen this approach, you may also try to think of some other suggestion.
I will try to add more points to this later. You can also post your coment about this .

Second Day at pool. Morning slot.

Today we went to swiming pool in the morning. It was a cool experience, now onwards we plan to be there in the morning only.

I have finished the novel "Importance of being Earnest", and the movie "Run away bride" and also "Kyo Ho gaya na". RAB was just ok but KHGN was nice, with some element of comedy and some drama.

I plan to do some study on Networking before taking the tutorials for juniors probably next week.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

PR test is over. Joined Swiming pool

PR test went well. It was good compareable to what I would have expected. Now I have some serious things to do.
1) Go through the current work done by various people in the field of PR/Vision/Graphics
2) Put a good slot for reading of english novels
3) Also take out the morning 1 hr slot for swiming pool. Well this is something I would write more about.

It was our first day in swiming pool, me and nirnimesh went to the pool with manjeet who has already registered there, after some time we were in the pool. It was one of my dreams to be given a chance to swim in this pool. I had seen the swiming pool filled with action during the AAG' 03. I remember how we introduced ourselves as photographers and went in-side, Nice momeroies, together with me were Ravi (chandra and shankar). That day we took lot of Photographs. I will put them in the site after some time.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

LA test & comtemplating buying a mobile phone again

I am forced to think about buying a cellphone seeing the long queues on the phone booth, Not being able to call at 9:30PM I have to come all the way from lab to NBH for calling up home and here the shopkeper is in hurry to close the shop and run to his home. Finally I could not call home today, OBH booth being close.

Meanwhile I have started getting the French world list from the lyrics of Alizee's songs and google translation tool. My first phrase would be 'Je comme Alizee', Meaning I like Alizee.
I got to ask how to type some of those weird characters that are not present in English Keyboard, like the one in word 'arretez' , over a.

TA ship is still undecided. Most probably It will be 1/4 in CN and 1/4 in Middleware.

Have a Linear Algebra Exam on 17 August, Wish me luck!!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Confirmed about Networks TAship

I dared to ask Jawahar sir, about the Middleware TAship and he told me that I am "Networks" TA. This starts a new sequence of things. He asked me to send him a mail about the Middleware TA ship.

I and sachin composed a mail to sir to allow us 1/2 TA ship each in Middleware Course.

Meanwhile Mr Ramesh is very agressive in sending assignments. He has already delivered the second assignment which is due 13 August, 2004. The assignment is very tough to start with. And ppl are expecting me to take a class and let them know what to do though everything is already taught in the class, all this is aimed at just postponing the assignment. :)

I target to finish the Novel "Timeline" by today.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Finally Moved Here

I have to finally move here. Realized that it was too tuf to make my simple XML based blog show even 1% of what the available once are showing.

I mark my old blog as obselete.

Today also passes by, Yeaterday night I was in CVIT reading about Symbian OS progamming. Then read the novel Timeline. As usual I and Jagga again had a long discussion on various companies including M$, IBM, then OSS and PSS and it went on till 5 AM , when we finally came back to sleep.

Woke up around 11 AM. Mails, Slashdot, OSNEWs and bath and then it was time for lunch, slept again after lunch. Overall I only studied chapter 1 of Linear Algebra.

In the evening went to Gym ( I am going in the evening from last two days after a week long struggle of trying to go in morning),

I will again try to do some maths study. Then May be novel again. That all for today.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

last sems and hols photographs

I collected the photographs from the Mehdipatnam shops after almost a month.
The image upload link doesnot seem to work. Anyways work is on for a xml based photo album software. I might try to make is plugable and put it in f-spot the choice of Satvik and Kirtisinha for hacking and improving.