Sunday, August 15, 2004

LA test & comtemplating buying a mobile phone again

I am forced to think about buying a cellphone seeing the long queues on the phone booth, Not being able to call at 9:30PM I have to come all the way from lab to NBH for calling up home and here the shopkeper is in hurry to close the shop and run to his home. Finally I could not call home today, OBH booth being close.

Meanwhile I have started getting the French world list from the lyrics of Alizee's songs and google translation tool. My first phrase would be 'Je comme Alizee', Meaning I like Alizee.
I got to ask how to type some of those weird characters that are not present in English Keyboard, like the one in word 'arretez' , over a.

TA ship is still undecided. Most probably It will be 1/4 in CN and 1/4 in Middleware.

Have a Linear Algebra Exam on 17 August, Wish me luck!!!!

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