Sunday, August 08, 2004

Finally Moved Here

I have to finally move here. Realized that it was too tuf to make my simple XML based blog show even 1% of what the available once are showing.

I mark my old blog as obselete.

Today also passes by, Yeaterday night I was in CVIT reading about Symbian OS progamming. Then read the novel Timeline. As usual I and Jagga again had a long discussion on various companies including M$, IBM, then OSS and PSS and it went on till 5 AM , when we finally came back to sleep.

Woke up around 11 AM. Mails, Slashdot, OSNEWs and bath and then it was time for lunch, slept again after lunch. Overall I only studied chapter 1 of Linear Algebra.

In the evening went to Gym ( I am going in the evening from last two days after a week long struggle of trying to go in morning),

I will again try to do some maths study. Then May be novel again. That all for today.

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