Friday, October 29, 2004

Exams Approaching...

Today I Realized that exams were just ahead of us. We will have the exams starting LA exam on 2 Nov, Some small stuff in English on 4th and then PR on 6 Nov.

We do have one more exam for Project Management on 8th Nov. But with what happened in previous exam I am not much interested in studing the book again, the exam was like the phycometric(forget the spelling) test which is one of the unique feature of TCS recruitment.
On the other hand I Topped the exam too. (Today only we got mail from Kirti). My faith on doing less but better is again strengthened.

In English I am second lowest in the class with at total of 27 approx of 50 and then I have choosen to compose a creative story instead of exam. The story is to be finished by 31 Oct.(both deadline and LA exam) and I haven't started yet.

Still not able to realize which was the biggest mistake of the semester( had similar problem last sem too when I was confused between Compilers, Software Engineering, Building Automation and Vision). This year the candidates are English Lit, English Lit, English Lit, English Lit. (As of now, they do change when exams approach or when grades approach, for e.g I was thinking of PM in this race but dropped it due to todays mail from kirti).

More experience as Teaching Assistant

I had another bad time checking some copies tonight. Thought of completing them by 1 AM and when I completed it was already 3:10 AM. But still what I learnt should be documented.
One thing i realized again was that checking copies and all suck. It is always better to take up Tutorials rather than taking up assignment correction or script checking. You do learn in both cases but you learn more solid in equal time in when you take classes. Script checking also helps you to think of some common misunderstanding of the students which you may correct in tutorials.

Some tips for getting better marks/consideration
1) Don't write uselessly big explainations when short one makes complete sense
2) the More useless stuff you put in more mistakes you might make
3) writing in points always help. Even if you are not sure about exact details the making of points with highlighting main substance may get you more marks. As the probability of "checker" giving more marks on highlight is higher than him reading a fishy explaination in one big paragraph.
4) Do read the answer once after writing to make sure what you wrote is what you thought you were writing. Most of time while writting many things come in our mind and we may miss thing like NOT which are very important.
5) Bad writting if you don't know will only get you marks more cut due to bad impression of your knowledge and willingness to answer.
6) If you don't know anything better don't guess it and write. Guessing is fine when you are just missing some links, but creating a whole new algorithm or language is a bad idea.
7) Try to remember that things like "stuff", "pc" etc should not be used. you can replace them with more specific jargon say "host" or "node" etc. You can never say a user as a "guy". for e.g in Aloha explaination,
whenever a guy sitting at any pc wants to send some data and stuff ....

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Lots of Holidays and Fun

Dushera this year brought some real good time to enjoy. On wednessday I was happy to learn that the Thurdays is off and I already knew Friday was off. So making it two days Holiday. Friday being off is a great thing since its the most hectic day this semester.
On Friday i.e today I got a mail from pramati that Saturdays class is also off, remembering that PM classes are over. This Saturday is also a holiday.

Meanwhile we visited "Our Place" on Thurday evening, its a nicely designed Resturant I must say. Some great things to remember would be the prompting of the waiter to take salad. (Forced me to order a 40 bucks onion salad). The wonderful brinjal cury that accompanied Veg Biryani was also rememberable specialy due to the fact that they considered this 'complementary' vegetable very nice or whatever. While coming back somehow we split in to two groups and I can only hope that the second group didn't face any troubles coming back to IIIT, after loosing track in Mehdipatnam.

It looks a long time since I blogged last. I have been watching quite some movies, Today I watched "Dawn of the Ghost", Yesterday IIRC i watched "Any Given Sunday". Already underway is revision of Friends season 1.

On to work, I just finished checking my part of Networks Midsem 2 scripts. I have to speed up some correction work in Middleware and Networks. On MS Proj Bluetooth program seems to move a bit more o emulator but on device it still says "System Error". PR project is still under trouble as the one Loutas looks like only promising and what if it fails. Other option is to see implementation of CMU Face Tracking, we will see after discussion with PJN sir, tomorow. Me and Pelu are already working over some other good project Idea for .... Letme keep it closed for now.

Looking some other possibilities on Symbian Series 60

J2ME tutorials Very Comprehensive Tutorials
Bluetooth on J2ME
This one is example of Bluetooth app in JAVA

Some Sun's tutorial

Thursday, October 14, 2004

End Semester Dates released

End Sem dates are released, me going home on 10 Nov. with Sachin. (more below)

We finally start the Computer Networks Mid sem script checking. My estimate is around 1.5 minutes per question taking me around 4 for the three I check, and overall requiring 120*4 minutes. Roughly 8 hrs !!!
I hope not all have written as much as the first few I have seen till now.

Middleware seems going ok. Most if not all have made some progress atleast they have made simple bank without Timer and MDB stuff. Let see what Ramesh says tomorrow.

Today I did the PR assignment (this is offcourse very late and Ranjith my deny accepting it, based on remarks about me from his Junior friends :)), but any way I had to learn SVM so I did the assignment too. This exercise also helped me learn some new commands of OCTAVE and gnuplot

First of all I learnt solving equation in octave
its simple basically. define A=[ something ];
And say D=A\B to solve the equation AD=B
really very simple.
Also in Gnuplot to set ranges use
set xrange [-1 to 1 ]
set yrange [-1 to 1 ]
Also setting grid & surface
set grid
set surface
Here is a good link for OCTAVE. Link
Ahh Shouldn't forget this, We went to Indranagar today to withdraw some money from ATM, basically I joined Ayan and Shantalu who were going there for some purpose. We ate in the new sweet shop. The quality is good. Specially the Samosa is nice. Also all kinds of sweet are available. We also bought Nutties and some lolly-pops while coming back. Since I had to get my ticket reserved I came early so that the reservation fellow doesn't run away, thanks to the STD booth fellow who brought me on his LUNA.
Finally I have given him money for ticket lets see what happens.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Computer Vision Project ...

As we were required to Demo sthg in our CV project, We finally demonstrated some work to sir, We already knew that the work was not up to mark and we will surely have some bad time giving the demo. But Sir took it quite lightly, thank God (or Sir ??. We are supposed to submit the final report by Tomorrow.

In Linear Algebra there is some improvement but not as much as was desired( and also possible), got 60% marks this time. Did a gross mistake in a question which made me loose 5 marks completely, as we already knew there is no partial marking :(

PR exam was thankfully postponed to Next Monday i.e 18 Oct. Also have to submit some assignments to Ranjith. No progress on bluetooth project.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

LA Midsem exam gone OK

LA midterm 2 is gone ok, I mean better than last exam, but the marks are not a linear function of attempts so I can't make any claims, Anything around 10/25 is too Good in this course (atleast from my last exams experience where I attempted 22/30 and got 10).

Took networks class today over Networking commands in LINUX, It was not a good one, basically the topics taught were pretty simple and I was feeling like I am wasting time of some ppl. Next class onwards will cover some tough material. TCP is started and that is where good stuff is.
I don't know how many ppl enjoyed the presentation by Phani which was a good one, I feel. Some topics for discussion are taken up by some ppl. I will try to bring presentation down to 15 minutes from next class.

Else where some great amount of work is lying ahead with a mail from Prof. Jawahar saying the Project to be submitted by Thurday. Nitin U there ???

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Long time no bloging, Lots of work ahead.

This weekend was one of the best ever, Enjoyed a lot on Friday evening and Saturday evening. And finally slept a lot on Saturday Night.
The musical night was a good show. All performance were nice but most special thing was the Kalyan's Intrumental and the Rock Band of IIIT's rock performance. As usual I have some photographs will I will upload here sometime later.

Today I tried some new Firefox plugins, special one is a improved Quicknote and DownThemAll. I should also target making my desired pluggin soon, by seeing these pluggins I can guess that most users have almost same needs. :)

There is not much progress on any other grounds. The Bluetooth stuff is almost struck up. On the other hand I have some thing to boost off. I have already started answering queries on Good for me :)
Now this Linear Algebra exam and then PR exam, have come in next week only.
Tutorials also have not been taken from long time, but anyways they are scheduled on 5 Oct and 6 Oct, and will probably be taken by Bansal. Answer scripts and other assignment checking is also pending.

In Middleware, have to speed up the project working. Have to check assignment 4,5,6 and also two test scripts.