Thursday, October 14, 2004

End Semester Dates released

End Sem dates are released, me going home on 10 Nov. with Sachin. (more below)

We finally start the Computer Networks Mid sem script checking. My estimate is around 1.5 minutes per question taking me around 4 for the three I check, and overall requiring 120*4 minutes. Roughly 8 hrs !!!
I hope not all have written as much as the first few I have seen till now.

Middleware seems going ok. Most if not all have made some progress atleast they have made simple bank without Timer and MDB stuff. Let see what Ramesh says tomorrow.

Today I did the PR assignment (this is offcourse very late and Ranjith my deny accepting it, based on remarks about me from his Junior friends :)), but any way I had to learn SVM so I did the assignment too. This exercise also helped me learn some new commands of OCTAVE and gnuplot

First of all I learnt solving equation in octave
its simple basically. define A=[ something ];
And say D=A\B to solve the equation AD=B
really very simple.
Also in Gnuplot to set ranges use
set xrange [-1 to 1 ]
set yrange [-1 to 1 ]
Also setting grid & surface
set grid
set surface
Here is a good link for OCTAVE. Link
Ahh Shouldn't forget this, We went to Indranagar today to withdraw some money from ATM, basically I joined Ayan and Shantalu who were going there for some purpose. We ate in the new sweet shop. The quality is good. Specially the Samosa is nice. Also all kinds of sweet are available. We also bought Nutties and some lolly-pops while coming back. Since I had to get my ticket reserved I came early so that the reservation fellow doesn't run away, thanks to the STD booth fellow who brought me on his LUNA.
Finally I have given him money for ticket lets see what happens.

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