Sunday, October 03, 2004

Long time no bloging, Lots of work ahead.

This weekend was one of the best ever, Enjoyed a lot on Friday evening and Saturday evening. And finally slept a lot on Saturday Night.
The musical night was a good show. All performance were nice but most special thing was the Kalyan's Intrumental and the Rock Band of IIIT's rock performance. As usual I have some photographs will I will upload here sometime later.

Today I tried some new Firefox plugins, special one is a improved Quicknote and DownThemAll. I should also target making my desired pluggin soon, by seeing these pluggins I can guess that most users have almost same needs. :)

There is not much progress on any other grounds. The Bluetooth stuff is almost struck up. On the other hand I have some thing to boost off. I have already started answering queries on Good for me :)
Now this Linear Algebra exam and then PR exam, have come in next week only.
Tutorials also have not been taken from long time, but anyways they are scheduled on 5 Oct and 6 Oct, and will probably be taken by Bansal. Answer scripts and other assignment checking is also pending.

In Middleware, have to speed up the project working. Have to check assignment 4,5,6 and also two test scripts.

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