Friday, October 29, 2004

Exams Approaching...

Today I Realized that exams were just ahead of us. We will have the exams starting LA exam on 2 Nov, Some small stuff in English on 4th and then PR on 6 Nov.

We do have one more exam for Project Management on 8th Nov. But with what happened in previous exam I am not much interested in studing the book again, the exam was like the phycometric(forget the spelling) test which is one of the unique feature of TCS recruitment.
On the other hand I Topped the exam too. (Today only we got mail from Kirti). My faith on doing less but better is again strengthened.

In English I am second lowest in the class with at total of 27 approx of 50 and then I have choosen to compose a creative story instead of exam. The story is to be finished by 31 Oct.(both deadline and LA exam) and I haven't started yet.

Still not able to realize which was the biggest mistake of the semester( had similar problem last sem too when I was confused between Compilers, Software Engineering, Building Automation and Vision). This year the candidates are English Lit, English Lit, English Lit, English Lit. (As of now, they do change when exams approach or when grades approach, for e.g I was thinking of PM in this race but dropped it due to todays mail from kirti).

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