Sunday, November 21, 2004

Journey to home for Diwali

This time I had a very nice time during the vacations. After 4 years (3 in IIIT and 1 in Bansal) I went home for celebrating Diwali. Actually It was not our house in Jabalpur where we celebrated the festival but rather my fathers' house in Sirmor.

The journey to home started in mixed mode. We got delayed while leaving as I was writing CD of songs. Abhinav and Bapu were pretty angry and somehow they got auto from somewhere by the time I reached the bus stop looking for them. We left the bus stop by around 9:40 PM and at 10:10 when we were assuming that we are near station the fellow told that he forgot the way to station, somehow he managed to reach the station by 10:25. We were able to catch the train. I lost the bet that train will not leave b4 9:40 as the train left at 9:36 itself. :)

The next thing to happen was this TT coming and Darbari volunteering that he doesn't have a full ticket. It was kind of weird, I have never seen this before, for a minute it looked he did a good thing, before we were told that he has to pay 140+250 Rs, the later amount being the fine. :) Darbari's Senti didn't work ! The person said he was a squad and it was not easy(?) to bribe him. :):):) After Darbari paid the amount the fellow who had similar situation came back and told Darbari that he escaped, laughing at Darbaris' senti, we could not stop laughing at what happened :):)

The journey was fine, there was this girl who is working in satyam Hyd, on our own compartment, she came quite helpful in my journey from JBP to Satna when I only had a general ticket and was already worried about TT's fine and stuff. Met 'mummy', 'didi' and Rishab at JBP station. They also didn't have reservation :(, so finally we kept the luggage in my compartment, where I have already asked the girl to take care in case I have to rush here and there when the TT comes. They had lot of laggage too. Fortunately the jouney was over without TT coming, but I had lost one of my slippers and was struggling to find it.

All the people were very helping and I was able to find the slipper at the end. Meanwhile my family member in the trained joined me. Later then told that "ppl in the general boggie didn't allow them to board there" so boaded on S2 and came to S5 from there. I can imagine that must be pretty hard. (I remember how we were stopping people from moving in and out of the boggie including the 'pheriwalas', specially the telugu fellow). The scenes were all funny. We knew TT won't be able to make through too.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

At Sirmour during Vacations

-After finishing the train journey we visited a jain temple at satna before moving to sirmour. The road journey to Sirmour took 4 hours. The road was typically MP 'dehati' road. Even with all the tiring journey it was difficult to sleep or even dose in the jeep.

The Quarter is a nice one. I should rather call it a Bangalow, there was two gaurds to escort us(?).

The more intersting part was the interiors. The house had around 5-6 big rooms, and they were all very well conected by doors so it was quite confussing too. Papas' room had a TV with around 7-8 channels, which we watched for long time though we were tired.

The next day was Diwali, somehow the time passed easily and in the evening we had some guests coming to house. (They were made to join us in prayer :), the funny part is that we don't possibly pray like other Hindus we pray Lord Mahavir).

It was a really cool time, no tension of anything. just enjoying each and every movement, I had almost forgot such a celebration of Diwali when so many guests will come to home for celebrating Diwali. Nehil had already started bursting some crackers outside and I did join him. We had planned a trip next morning to the falls so we slept quite early 1 AM. :)

The next day 13 Nov, was one of the most well spent day, we went to see this fall named, purva fall (IIRC), the falls have really nice scenic beauty and I again missed my camera there. Then we went to the powerhouse. This was not a first visit to powerhouse so it was nothing great there except that close look to turbine, which I am sure not many are allowed to have. I remember the old Sarni days when we used to go to plant with papa, same big machines, similar noises, similar meters etc. new thing was my brother being with me and we both enjoyed a lot. The specially interesting part was the near cannal part where from the water went in to the powerhouse. There are two zones from which water rushes inside in high speed. We all threw some small things like thermocole and plastics in to it to see them plunge in to water with speed. This trip enjoyed overshaded the pains of travelling on road in that area. The non road part is much more prefered than the road. I was wondering how a car would survive so much bumps and also how the jeeps did survive them. In the evening we went to some ppls house for eating sweets :) Amoung the memorable ppl in this trip are that small fellow named 'manu', very notorious but neverthless cute also.

14 Nov, we went to see off mummy and didi for Jabalpur. We had to travel thru that sucking road to Riva, we meet some of fathers' old friends and then went to station. Evening was spent in Mittal Uncles' house. In the night we returned to Sirmor again throught that same road (I wish some Politician see this blog and thing of changing the road condition).

15 was spent just watching TV and then we 16 morning we left from Sirmar to Satna through a jeep. Allthought we wanted to reach Satna ASAP the driver couldn't refrain from keeping more and more savari getting us more and more delayed, he really frustated me beyound limits when at Riva he started loading some computer peripherals where he spent 15-20 minutes even after already been late. Me and Nehil were very angry and frustated. Somehow we reached the station at 6:30 PM(when we were supposed to reach at 6 PM), fortunately the train was late. This journey was spent without much problems though we couldn't get a sleeper ticket we stayed in sleeper class, the ppl were not friendly enuf to give us a seat so we spent time standing and then finally sitting on floor. Things were going fine until at katni where some police along with TT came in and really freaked me out. We could escape giving them 100/- Rs bribe. There was no question of whether bribing is good or bad, we wanted to escape as cheaply as possible. We reached the JBP station at around 10 PM then travelled to home on an auto. without much bargain paying him 40 bucks. At 10:30 PM we were home... I called up Dixit for registration but he was not in his room. So registration didn't happen.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

DDLJ revisited...

While coming back after seeing "Before Sunrise" Avinash was telling me about DDLJ, I was astonished I had completely forgotten the movie, I got a thought whether I have seen this movie or not?

So I revised this movie, which i realized only at the middle of the movie. I didn't remember any fine details of how Shahrukh meet Kajol their Europe trip etc. and that was a major part of the film. So it was completely worth revising this movie. I did enjoy the rewatch so much that I wanted to write a permanent copy of this film on a CD.

This is one of the only movies which I had intentionally rewatched, another one being The Extra Terristial.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

100% Exams over...Having some nice time now

Exams just got over today with PM's exams going well(I think so). This time I had sufficient time to read through all the questions and then too finish the exam 1/2 hr before time, as I was desperate for peeing, I gave the paper without even revisiting a single question, at 5 PM it was all over.(Kamal Sir declared in his mail that "You won't be allowed to go to toilets, so prepare for it", and I did prepare, but it was nature's call.

Yesterday night had this bad dream of someone coming and saying "well you too had poor attendence in LA, You didn't pass", and me not badly surprized was just cursing the day I took that course instead of IT for power.

I got some new novels from Library in return of the old books that I had, I have one from Jayaram and one from Anand making the count 4, well that should be enough for the train journey 8 days and return journey. After all I am going to have some rest after this nasty semester. ( will summarize it all in next post)

I slept 3 hrs after getting the book so was sure to be active in the night, Searched some movies and finally decided to see Lion King, and then Before Sunrise. The former was a ok movie may be good for Children, but the later was an awsome movie, a must see. I won't describe it more than saying that it told me about a lots of things you can talk about to your friends about yourself about them, something I was failed to figure out.

Monday, November 08, 2004

4 days away from home ...

I am going to be in home after 4 days. I am very glad to imagine that, after having one big semester with lot of troubles and memories too. I will recall these after my last exam tomorrow is over.
Yep, Tomorrow I have Project Management exam and I am not studying for it. Not at least seriously, last exam was a total cyclogical test. So I decided to rather let this one go. As I already said that I screwd up my PR exam to some extent so that also is the excuse for not studying well.
It is not out of place to mention here that I watched another movie tonight, "Requime for a Dream", IIRC. Nice movie, I would rather have loved to recomment it to be seen it by any high school student, had it not had some bad scenes.

I have a list of things to be done before going home, but that is there in my Room PCs HDD which is currently offline :(.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

75% of exams Over

Today the Main Exam PR was over. The paper was good in the sense all the questions looked solvable but the time lacked as I spent much of it in thinking etc.

Thank God I did that SVM derivation properly today morning, in the last 1/2 hr, I must say the most efficient 1/2 hr of the whole preparation time.

I expect around 70+ in this exam. And the overall grade will be A- or B or lower depending on the project.

Watched some movie in the night, "The Grudge", The horror movie. It sucked.

Saw Some movies

I saw "Life Is beautiful" in Ramneek's room today, My PC is currently out of order the suspected problem is SMPS, I leave it all to the Bhumika guy to check. Presently I am busy preparing for exams.:)

The movie is nice and the cool thing about the movie was it did not have any non children seen but then to conveyed some of the most complex attrocities done by Nazis at the same time as it showed a good love story.

The second Movie I saw in the lab "The Grude" is one of the worst english movies I have seen in my life.

Friday, November 05, 2004

50 % exam over...

Today the English literature exam was over. I spent around 2 1/2 days with that story writing stuff, with some help from Ramneek, Majji, Sreejith etc I was able to find a convergent end to the story.
Though the end is still not very smooth, and comes all of a sudden, but it looks more realistic. The final title was "When Failure became blessing".

The exam was also ok only. Hope I may get around C/C-.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

25% exams over

It was a bad bad exam of LA. This time the exam itself was bad, forget about the expected marks. till now I have 28/60 and I think 12 should be sufficient to pass, but again, everything is uncertain.

When I got the paper and saw some questions, I knew this exam was gone...Most of the questions were theoretical and the questions from matrices which was bound to be numerical was not printed properly. So the first half hour was spent just waiting for the matric questions to be corrected. After the corrections came I started the paper.

And rest is past, I am just praying to pass comfortably in the exam... lets see what happens.

Its already 25% of exams over.