Monday, November 08, 2004

4 days away from home ...

I am going to be in home after 4 days. I am very glad to imagine that, after having one big semester with lot of troubles and memories too. I will recall these after my last exam tomorrow is over.
Yep, Tomorrow I have Project Management exam and I am not studying for it. Not at least seriously, last exam was a total cyclogical test. So I decided to rather let this one go. As I already said that I screwd up my PR exam to some extent so that also is the excuse for not studying well.
It is not out of place to mention here that I watched another movie tonight, "Requime for a Dream", IIRC. Nice movie, I would rather have loved to recomment it to be seen it by any high school student, had it not had some bad scenes.

I have a list of things to be done before going home, but that is there in my Room PCs HDD which is currently offline :(.

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