Tuesday, November 09, 2004

100% Exams over...Having some nice time now

Exams just got over today with PM's exams going well(I think so). This time I had sufficient time to read through all the questions and then too finish the exam 1/2 hr before time, as I was desperate for peeing, I gave the paper without even revisiting a single question, at 5 PM it was all over.(Kamal Sir declared in his mail that "You won't be allowed to go to toilets, so prepare for it", and I did prepare, but it was nature's call.

Yesterday night had this bad dream of someone coming and saying "well you too had poor attendence in LA, You didn't pass", and me not badly surprized was just cursing the day I took that course instead of IT for power.

I got some new novels from Library in return of the old books that I had, I have one from Jayaram and one from Anand making the count 4, well that should be enough for the train journey 8 days and return journey. After all I am going to have some rest after this nasty semester. ( will summarize it all in next post)

I slept 3 hrs after getting the book so was sure to be active in the night, Searched some movies and finally decided to see Lion King, and then Before Sunrise. The former was a ok movie may be good for Children, but the later was an awsome movie, a must see. I won't describe it more than saying that it told me about a lots of things you can talk about to your friends about yourself about them, something I was failed to figure out.

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