Sunday, November 21, 2004

Journey to home for Diwali

This time I had a very nice time during the vacations. After 4 years (3 in IIIT and 1 in Bansal) I went home for celebrating Diwali. Actually It was not our house in Jabalpur where we celebrated the festival but rather my fathers' house in Sirmor.

The journey to home started in mixed mode. We got delayed while leaving as I was writing CD of songs. Abhinav and Bapu were pretty angry and somehow they got auto from somewhere by the time I reached the bus stop looking for them. We left the bus stop by around 9:40 PM and at 10:10 when we were assuming that we are near station the fellow told that he forgot the way to station, somehow he managed to reach the station by 10:25. We were able to catch the train. I lost the bet that train will not leave b4 9:40 as the train left at 9:36 itself. :)

The next thing to happen was this TT coming and Darbari volunteering that he doesn't have a full ticket. It was kind of weird, I have never seen this before, for a minute it looked he did a good thing, before we were told that he has to pay 140+250 Rs, the later amount being the fine. :) Darbari's Senti didn't work ! The person said he was a squad and it was not easy(?) to bribe him. :):):) After Darbari paid the amount the fellow who had similar situation came back and told Darbari that he escaped, laughing at Darbaris' senti, we could not stop laughing at what happened :):)

The journey was fine, there was this girl who is working in satyam Hyd, on our own compartment, she came quite helpful in my journey from JBP to Satna when I only had a general ticket and was already worried about TT's fine and stuff. Met 'mummy', 'didi' and Rishab at JBP station. They also didn't have reservation :(, so finally we kept the luggage in my compartment, where I have already asked the girl to take care in case I have to rush here and there when the TT comes. They had lot of laggage too. Fortunately the jouney was over without TT coming, but I had lost one of my slippers and was struggling to find it.

All the people were very helping and I was able to find the slipper at the end. Meanwhile my family member in the trained joined me. Later then told that "ppl in the general boggie didn't allow them to board there" so boaded on S2 and came to S5 from there. I can imagine that must be pretty hard. (I remember how we were stopping people from moving in and out of the boggie including the 'pheriwalas', specially the telugu fellow). The scenes were all funny. We knew TT won't be able to make through too.

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