Saturday, December 04, 2004

totally Confused and frustated

The eight semester has begun 3 weeks ago, as in all other semester this time was spent in only deciding what course to take and what to drop etc. The previous semester grades C- in English Lit. C in Linear Algebra have been really dissappointment. Not that I was expecting A or A-, but when other humanities/Open Elective grades come out to be 70% A or A- and rest 30% B I can't do anything but curse my choice of courses.

The debate of what is important "Knowledge or CGPA", is quite useless now. It of-course has no simple conclusion, but one observation suffices, if you need good CGPA you interests may not be the best direction to follow.(Taken from our(me, Nir and Parry) argument to Dr. PJN regarding our Bad grades in useless(?) courses).

This semester I decided not to take up any TA ship, Wanted to spent time learning things for my thesis. The decision looks justified enuf. At present all the confusion is about what should me thesis be over. Also another reason of concern is taking this Computational Geometry Course. Another big issue is the coming up Simla trip, still not talked to father in this regard, he phone seems out of order.

Work is not coming up well in my project on Mosaicing too. Did not decide yet which algorithm to implement.

This confusion is really eating my head. I am frustated.

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