Thursday, December 09, 2004

Snacks with Apache Cofounder Brain

Though I got late to the talk by Brain, due to the CG class. Padmaja madam gave us a change to have personal interracion with him during the press meet.

I, Anu, Sunil and Vamsee went with him to ITC kakatiya for this press meet. We were supposed to help the press people make sense out of his techie language, but the press ppl didn't wanted so. So we sat on a nearby table during their meet. Had those dark coffee, in which we all put almost 3/4 sugar packets that were available there.

Then after the meeting with press was over we sat with him and interacted regarding what versions etc we use, what kind of coding he does etc. We were the last ppl he was meeting before the returning so he gave us all his visting card and also took our Email ids. After he went, we ordered some Pizzas and S, which really sucked, compared to the price they were charging, You can really get much better than them at normal local resturants.

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