Sunday, December 05, 2004

CVIT party!!!

It was a great saturday after long time. In the morning we(me and vidit) went to CMC to check networks end sem scripts. Some hiccups on regard to Bansi helping students. Later we started checking the objective part for Mtechs.

Had the lunch there itself, along with sir, who introduced us to some ppl there, the best part was that he said, "He was the only student from BTech to get an A in the subject," pretty inspiring sentence. After lunch we again sat for some time, finished the copies and then came back to IIIT.

Later in the evening, me Majji and Ranjith attended the ethics class (we had already signed a virtual pact to attend his class together and do lots of BC), but this time all of a sudden a new group including Nirnimesh, took the lead and sat on the first bench and did lots of BC, giving us a close competition. We take the challenge, let see next Friday.

Then there was this cool CVIT party, we went 7 in an auto to cyber pearls, Hitech city phase 2. The building is ok from outside, the first impressive thing was the filmi style glass entrance gate which opened automatically using those IR sensors.

In the party there was lots of BC, especially the introduction part and then the Dumb Cherades. I for the first time dared to enact the film, and lo it came out to be "the last Samurai", the movie that I closed after watching for 10 minutes. I gave all the indication about the movie, as far as I have seen it, but it took them lot of time to realize the movie. The overall party was nice.

In the night I watched the movie, "Along Came Polly," ok movie, 8/10.

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