Thursday, July 19, 2007

Releasing PicasaWeb Uploader for KDE/Linux

I am pleased to announce the first release of the PicasaWeb Exporter/Uploader for KDE/Linux. To be precise for the photo management applications supporting kipi-plugins, including Digikam, PhotoAlbum, Gwenview and so on. Here is a blog post by Caulier Gilles about it.

For those who currently miss this plugin in their host applications like digikam, the fast option is to get the kipi-plugins from the KDE SVN.

This effort has been part of my 20% project time at Google, but the software in under GPL and all the disclaimer regarding the responsibility and guarantee holds. I will keep on improving the software and patches are welcome. (Some of the code comes from cut/paste of my previous plugin flickr export and some cleanup would be done soon)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Always Game with my new bike Hero Honda's Karizma R

After a lot of confusions on which bike I would be going for, My bike is finally here. Its Karizma R. I found it the best offering for a sports bike in India (as of now and under price I was willing to pay for it, the Honda and Kawasakis 600+CC would be coming soon I heard). The bike is a 225 CC bike with the closest to the fancy Sports bikes looks.
Pulsar 220CC was a choice candidate too, the blue color is definitely an eye catcher and a big plus for P220 and that's what caused some confusion, but Karizma still beats it in looks.

Okay here is how my bike looks like: (photo courtsey Sachin)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Fantabulous trip to Kulcharam Ji courtsey YJI

Last Sunday turned out to be a great day of great fun. Thanks to Rajat, I came to know about the group named YJI (acroynym for Young Jains of India) and was able to join a trip to this temple nearby called Kulcharam Ji.

It looked odd in the beginning that I would be waking up at 5:30 in the morning and getting ready for this trip but the fact that I have been postponing my temple visits for a long time and also that this was more of a fun trip ala gathering, I decided to give up a little on my weekend sleep schedule :)

It was around 2 hrs journey after we picked up ppl from almost all parts of the cities starting from Gachibowli followed by Madhapur, Liberty circle, Paradise and soon. As more and more people kept joining in the enthu was growing, by the end of pickup schedule we were 26 in numbers. During the introduction round, Guidelines for which were set by Pranjal(HR :)), we came to know about all the people and also learned almost everyones names (Kudos to Pranjal, nice game). The group include ppl from almost all parts of the country and also representing lots of IT companies. From the statistics it turns out the Majority of Jains come from MP and specifically regions around Indore :D

The priests at the temple were very helpful to let some of us do the "abhishek" while some others sat praying and others did the 108 parikramas. I am a kinda novice in terms of religious knowledge and lingo so I would avoid writting to much about it right now.

This was followed by a nice Lunch at the venue of Daal Baati and Churma. A game of housie (Tambola) and Antakshari followed. The evening pakodas and tea were tasty too. Preeti and Nitin concluded with few words about YJI (not mentioning them here).

For more photos please check the gallery at