Monday, April 16, 2007

Stanford Campus Visit

It was just a random decision to go to StanFord's campus when we wanted to have some way to spend the Sunday afternoon, after a great lunch at Mayuri Restuarant in Santa Clara along with Sumanth and Priyam (my friends from UCSC).

It turned out of be great luck as it was the Community Day in campus (which we were told happens once in 2 years). The only regret was that we made it little late. We got a chance to visit and the famous Hoover tower which on its 14th floor gives a very nice view of the whole campus.

The campus is certainly a very cool place to see, I could see many ppl cycling all around in cycles of different types some ppl skating, many ppl were jogging around. Then there were various grounds which were again occupied by ppl playing variety of games including Basket ball and soccer (or shall I say football).

Wandering around we landed up in front of a library, having heard a lot about the size of these libraries I decided to go inside and check how much ever we could see as visitors. To a pleasant surprise, we just had a small registration process and we were right in to the library. It turned out to be one of Social sciences (very frankly I don't even know what all it covers). The number of news paper and journals in the library were just beyond any imagination. I could see newspaper from almost all countries I have heard the name of (and many more ). The approximate number of journals would be around 12000 (yeah !). This was enough of social sciences for us and we decided to get out of the library.

As we were coming out we came to know there were like 12 or so more libraries. We decided to go to Computer Science and Mathematics library. The library was certainly not as big as the Social science one. It looked very reasonably sized one. Again the journals section was very big here.

Unfortunately the trip was to end as we were already very late. If you are just visiting the campus it would be a good idea to start pretty early, the campus is too large to roam around. Having a host in the campus would be great but otherwise you can take up campus maps from some information centers and also do explore the option of student guided tours (we didn't get time to try that).

[Mostly used my friends' camera so will have to wait before I can post some photos]

Friday, April 13, 2007

Wondering about being tagged by someone ?

Recently I have been seeing a flood of mails saying you have been tagged, blah, blah. I sent mail back to a friend from whom I received such a mail to know he didn't intentionally "tag" me.

Looks like this site is another (__ to avoid giving them unnecessary incoming links advantage) like site which takes users login name for Gmail and Yahoo and invite all their contact book addresses by sending a mail which claims to be a invitation from the real user.

I am not sure about this part by someone also informed me that sometimes they just try to use the password you choose for these website to access you gmail or yahoo accounts(without informing you) and are quite successful in that as many ppl do use common password for many websites. Can some real victim just confirm this ?

This post is meant to create some awareness about such junk sites and TRY getting such spam mails reduced in numbers for everyone. Please be careful when you do try some social networking websites if someone just asks for your Yahoo or Gmail password they might be doing something fishy.