Friday, April 13, 2007

Wondering about being tagged by someone ?

Recently I have been seeing a flood of mails saying you have been tagged, blah, blah. I sent mail back to a friend from whom I received such a mail to know he didn't intentionally "tag" me.

Looks like this site is another (__ to avoid giving them unnecessary incoming links advantage) like site which takes users login name for Gmail and Yahoo and invite all their contact book addresses by sending a mail which claims to be a invitation from the real user.

I am not sure about this part by someone also informed me that sometimes they just try to use the password you choose for these website to access you gmail or yahoo accounts(without informing you) and are quite successful in that as many ppl do use common password for many websites. Can some real victim just confirm this ?

This post is meant to create some awareness about such junk sites and TRY getting such spam mails reduced in numbers for everyone. Please be careful when you do try some social networking websites if someone just asks for your Yahoo or Gmail password they might be doing something fishy.


  1. hmm I got tagged too.. i remember being tagged by you :) i guess they are spam after all.

  2. oops I didn't know they acted as virus emails :)
    No I didn't even go to there website anytime :)

  3. Yeah..even I got this: "X has tagged u :)" message many times!!

  4. Wish you a very happy bday dude~

  5. thanks Manjeet ! Does the long week status mean something ?