Friday, January 14, 2005

Blogging after long time...

After coming back from the great Simla trip, I kept postponing the blogging stuff. I remember having blogged my Novemeber vacations quite well, but there are reasons for delay in blogging.

My MS project seems to be crawling badly, Not much progress has been made, I am always worried about the grades I am gonna recieve in this project as well as when to start my thesis.

As such the greatest problem is not knowing which direction to work, Till now sir has been suggesting some experiments on the cellphone, they are mostly over. "NEWLC" forums have been a great help. Even though some questions remained unanswered some were answered nicely.
Now the biggest issue what to do ahead. I have already started implementation of some image manipulation etc on ANSI c++ on Linux system. Registration looks a difficult work in itself and doing it on phone is ofcourse more complex issue.

The Deadline for the Redhat project's SRS submission is gone, I will try to sit with Bedi and Dixit to do some work quickly and possibly submit the SRS. PR project work is restarted and hopefully we will finish that tomorrow. Project Management is another big issue to be settled down in near future.

This Semester is passing quite strangely, some days earlier I was thinking why I dropped the course of Computation Geometry, now it is VTK course that is to be worried about. Not sure whether to drop it or not.

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