Thursday, January 27, 2005

Batch Picnic

Nowadays I am slipping bloggin a lot. I almost missed this one, thanks to ramneek blog, now I will not.

It was a much awaited picnic for me, specially after missing the Ramoji Film City's trip and seeing, those wonderfull photographs. So I was decided to go, whatever happens. Eventhough I had a Visualization Midsem on Monday, I went to Picnic on Sunday. ( I had a form with Kamal Sir's signature to drop the course, so I was ready to drop the course on Monday, though it was past deadline).

Spent the night studying some VTK stuff till 2AM when I came back to room to sleep, after an improper sleep of 2.5 hrs or so, woke up at 4:30AM and started getting ready. Our bus left at around 6:30 AM.

I was sitting in almost the second last seat on choice of Dixit and gupta, Pandey and bedi sat besides me. But soon at indranagar we had a stop and seats were shuffled. I got company of Jenny and came to middle seats. For quite some time in the beginning the trip sucked as all ppl in the front were sleeping. Majji was holding some events at the back part of the bus, I got frustated and had a argument with him for not organizing well. :(

But soon things changed, the organizers divided the bus in to two teams, the first half and the second half, for playing the game of Antaakshari. The interesting part of trip started. We played for long time and then very shortly realized we were at some bus stop. We stopped for a brake for tea, and pee :), some of us climbed(?) on the bus room and had some photographs.
Batch Trip Jan, 2005

The next stop was the 1000 Pillars temple. We had lot of fun photos there, Guptaji climbed on the roof too.

Batch Trip Jan, 2005

Our next destination was the lake, we stopped at some place, which we assumed to be near lake, it was Rammapa temple, to our surprize there was no lake there! Bolero told that lake is nearby only and not dried up or anything. At this place we thought of having our lunch but later realized that lunch had already reached the lake spot so we moved on.

Batch Trip Jan, 2005

Then we stopped at the lake. The scene was beautiful but soon we realized that water was dirtyful and we cannot go for swiming. We moved ahead, organizers started arraning lunch, we went on to the lake shore. Then there was a lunch call, monkey surrounded us during the lunch. Lunch was really wonderful. Nice arrangement, must appreciate the organizers. After this we went for boating, I went twice. Then we returned to the temple for some games, Tambola, and ...., I got caught in the ball game. Me, Manjeet and Tiwary were asked to Lift Imran, and later Sreejith. Who fell on me!

Batch Trip Jan, 2005

Batch Trip Jan, 2005

On the return journey I sat on the last seat for some time and slept too. Then we had some music etc started in the front part, we all danced a lot. We also had this game of dumb cherades on 200 passwd, which was fun.

Some More photos
If you know more photos please comment there urls.

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