Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Deans Party

This time the party was in Guest house. As before, being in ML, I didn't qualify for a Memonto in form of books. Anyways it is previllege to be in ML itself. This time Dean took out the names of students in the Merit List after giving away the momentos to the DL fellows.
During the dinner Dr PJN asked us (me and Anubhav), "CVIT mein kisi ka bhi rank aacha nahin aaya, All of you are 12,15,18 and soon, Aap log hamari ejjat ko gira rahey ho", We didn't have any answer. Then we had some photographs with Dr PJN, Dean and amongst ourself before coming out of the party. Bad point was that no one cared for a batch photograph.
That party is good enough to inspire the participants to do good again. 7th sem was gone worst ever, so only hopes are now on 8th sem. Lets see what it has in reserve for me. Till now this sem is going in more BC less work.


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