Sunday, January 30, 2005


Congrats to Codecraft Team, It was as successfull event as it could be.
Me and Bedi participated and result. we got no points, anyways it was a good use of the day probably. Realizing my weakness in dynamic programming, greedy algos etc. Me and Majji discussed the third problem a lot. basically it was finding a line with maximum number of points amount the given points. Majji got the Line class removed(saying objects make the program slow). Then we changed from floating points form y=mx+c to ax+by+c=0, Add the concept of GCD two to remove researching in to the searched paths, but nothing seemed to help.

In other questions, I tried question 1 using binary representation and picking but probably dynamic programing was the way to go as our solution sucked in time.

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  1. Nevermind buddy.

    Baron de Coubertin had once said, "It's not important to win, but to be a part of the Olmypics."

    Atleast u participated. Losers like me didn't even participate.