Friday, October 29, 2004

More experience as Teaching Assistant

I had another bad time checking some copies tonight. Thought of completing them by 1 AM and when I completed it was already 3:10 AM. But still what I learnt should be documented.
One thing i realized again was that checking copies and all suck. It is always better to take up Tutorials rather than taking up assignment correction or script checking. You do learn in both cases but you learn more solid in equal time in when you take classes. Script checking also helps you to think of some common misunderstanding of the students which you may correct in tutorials.

Some tips for getting better marks/consideration
1) Don't write uselessly big explainations when short one makes complete sense
2) the More useless stuff you put in more mistakes you might make
3) writing in points always help. Even if you are not sure about exact details the making of points with highlighting main substance may get you more marks. As the probability of "checker" giving more marks on highlight is higher than him reading a fishy explaination in one big paragraph.
4) Do read the answer once after writing to make sure what you wrote is what you thought you were writing. Most of time while writting many things come in our mind and we may miss thing like NOT which are very important.
5) Bad writting if you don't know will only get you marks more cut due to bad impression of your knowledge and willingness to answer.
6) If you don't know anything better don't guess it and write. Guessing is fine when you are just missing some links, but creating a whole new algorithm or language is a bad idea.
7) Try to remember that things like "stuff", "pc" etc should not be used. you can replace them with more specific jargon say "host" or "node" etc. You can never say a user as a "guy". for e.g in Aloha explaination,
whenever a guy sitting at any pc wants to send some data and stuff ....

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