Saturday, October 23, 2004

Lots of Holidays and Fun

Dushera this year brought some real good time to enjoy. On wednessday I was happy to learn that the Thurdays is off and I already knew Friday was off. So making it two days Holiday. Friday being off is a great thing since its the most hectic day this semester.
On Friday i.e today I got a mail from pramati that Saturdays class is also off, remembering that PM classes are over. This Saturday is also a holiday.

Meanwhile we visited "Our Place" on Thurday evening, its a nicely designed Resturant I must say. Some great things to remember would be the prompting of the waiter to take salad. (Forced me to order a 40 bucks onion salad). The wonderful brinjal cury that accompanied Veg Biryani was also rememberable specialy due to the fact that they considered this 'complementary' vegetable very nice or whatever. While coming back somehow we split in to two groups and I can only hope that the second group didn't face any troubles coming back to IIIT, after loosing track in Mehdipatnam.

It looks a long time since I blogged last. I have been watching quite some movies, Today I watched "Dawn of the Ghost", Yesterday IIRC i watched "Any Given Sunday". Already underway is revision of Friends season 1.

On to work, I just finished checking my part of Networks Midsem 2 scripts. I have to speed up some correction work in Middleware and Networks. On MS Proj Bluetooth program seems to move a bit more o emulator but on device it still says "System Error". PR project is still under trouble as the one Loutas looks like only promising and what if it fails. Other option is to see implementation of CMU Face Tracking, we will see after discussion with PJN sir, tomorow. Me and Pelu are already working over some other good project Idea for .... Letme keep it closed for now.

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