Wednesday, October 06, 2004

LA Midsem exam gone OK

LA midterm 2 is gone ok, I mean better than last exam, but the marks are not a linear function of attempts so I can't make any claims, Anything around 10/25 is too Good in this course (atleast from my last exams experience where I attempted 22/30 and got 10).

Took networks class today over Networking commands in LINUX, It was not a good one, basically the topics taught were pretty simple and I was feeling like I am wasting time of some ppl. Next class onwards will cover some tough material. TCP is started and that is where good stuff is.
I don't know how many ppl enjoyed the presentation by Phani which was a good one, I feel. Some topics for discussion are taken up by some ppl. I will try to bring presentation down to 15 minutes from next class.

Else where some great amount of work is lying ahead with a mail from Prof. Jawahar saying the Project to be submitted by Thurday. Nitin U there ???

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