Monday, August 30, 2004


Finally got a mail from sister, after knowing that she has sent a Speed Post on 25 Aug., I went to ask if they were mixed with the courier and "Discovered" that they were handled by the Office. Prabha madam was on phone, so when I asked him, she, I donot know in which sense asked my name and said no. But then dixit asked her for his speed post and I discovered that mine was there!!!!

This has been a wonderful day after that. With the system thinking class ending without much usefull work. My state of not being well (as against well being) continued, and I spoilt the complete day without studying anything. Went to doctor and got some medicine. Some relief seems to be there but not much.

On the other side work is accumulating. Linux Users Group Admin and Mods have to be selected we have to then think of sponsership for our T-shirt/Jacqet. Meanwhile I got a mail invitation for Linux Desktop Conference to be held on 25 Sept., which unfortunately happens to be my PR exam day.

In other news I got a courier from Fedora Community with a pack of 8 CDs of Fedora Core 2.

Clarified about checking of networks assignment with Mr Rawat.

Thats all for today. Let me get well then I will be more efficient in writting blogs. :)

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