Saturday, August 21, 2004

PR test is over. Joined Swiming pool

PR test went well. It was good compareable to what I would have expected. Now I have some serious things to do.
1) Go through the current work done by various people in the field of PR/Vision/Graphics
2) Put a good slot for reading of english novels
3) Also take out the morning 1 hr slot for swiming pool. Well this is something I would write more about.

It was our first day in swiming pool, me and nirnimesh went to the pool with manjeet who has already registered there, after some time we were in the pool. It was one of my dreams to be given a chance to swim in this pool. I had seen the swiming pool filled with action during the AAG' 03. I remember how we introduced ourselves as photographers and went in-side, Nice momeroies, together with me were Ravi (chandra and shankar). That day we took lot of Photographs. I will put them in the site after some time.

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