Sunday, May 28, 2006

My first paper and the consequent weekend

Well finally I have a publication on my name. I got the acceptance mail yesterday afternoon, the paper is accepted in VIE 2006 for oral presentation. Not sure if it was an after effect of the news but the weekend went superb.

Yesterday evening we(Nirnimesh, Ramneek, Sachin and I) went to this French movie "Le classe de neige". Can't comment much upon the movie but it wasn't as good as the other french movies I have seen till now, and the only possible excuse for it could be that it was supposed to be an Art movie (btw I still understand what that means) :) But the good thing was that I and Nirnimesh were able to find lots of words/phrases we know in the conversation.

After that it was a dinner at Tabla, followed by the "Titanic" ice cream at Ohri's. I must tell Titanic Ice Cream had much a different image in my mind and even others (Ramneek atleast) possibly due to the overhyped description by others :) It isn't as big as some ppl described it, but yup overall the presentation was different and looked good.

Today morning it was wat I should call a Maggi/ Top Raman diet(Lunch). Possibly the highest number of rounds (4, each time 2 cakes) till date and evening it was again Dominos pizzas. Cudn't have had a better weekend possibly :)

BTW AFAIK atleast 3 papers have been accepted from CVIT in the same conference.