Tuesday, May 23, 2006

About Reservation protest in Hyderabad

I was not very sure about joining the protest because I was not very well the past few days. But when Nirnimesh knocked my door I cudn't resist saying yes. It was the first time I was to witness being a part of such a protest, and when I vehemently oppose the RESERVATION i thought I must register my protest.

We reached the spot slightly late i.e at 10:20 AM. There was this crowd already chanting some slogans etc. but seriously saying I was shocked to see such small numbers, when we reached number could have been at max 125 or so. We hurriedly joined them. I must say I wondered if any of them had actually any idea how to do these kind of things, the initial impression to me was that a bunch of Software guys were confussed how to do a real life protest, or may be that was the way it happens.

After some time, we started moving, we were raising slogans etc and almost everyone knew that Arjun Singh was the culprit behind all this and Congress sucks too bad and all those things. The protest went of peacefully. Slogans are already shown here and photos here.

Now coming to some actual issues, At the end of protest I saw this Indian Media in action. NDTV and times now. I must say I have stopped visiting NDTV site since then. There was a sucking reporter from NDVT who was showing that she is taking some real time interviews, when a OBC guy went to them for giving a interview they started taking it and when they realized it was anti-reservation they called it of, we heard more of similar stuff there, the sold media was only taking opinion of the side they wanted to hear, It was not shocking to see a news item saying that 60% of the country favours reservation on NDTV.

Another point I wanted to make out of this post was that we are probably missing some outcome of the rallies, unless we make other ppl (who are not aware) aware of the concesequences and all and then convince them that we are fighting for a good cause. English affluent ppl would already probably understand the deepness of the issue. If we only write/speaks slogans in English they are mostly useless. In Andrapradesh if we missed telugu banners we must have failed to create an impact on the ppl.

Not strange enuf some ppl bothered to ask me what was the march for and with my poor telugu skills i wasn't able to tell them much. Again another issue that came out was that middle class in Indian society should take up the responsibility to go and cast their vote to avoid stupid government like current congress to ever come to rule.


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    Slogans are already shown here and photos here.
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  3. @turbo: Just updated them, the were not linked at all yesterday..

    @camelpost: What kind of spam post is that? Are we talking about reservation here?