Wednesday, May 10, 2006

OBC/ST/SC crap in Civil services too

I heard sometime back that the age limit for IAS/IPS exams were 30 years. It seems that restriction is only for General Category[2]. and this is not all. Number of attempts also depend on your caste. (see the image) The politicians of this country are really going crazy and making sure that almost all of the offices in the country are filled by reservations and not by merit and their breed of ppl continue to survive. Isn't this pure case of unjustice top ppl in general category ?




  1. Its not just restricted to civil services.
    I remember some facts about IIT-JEE
    The max no. of attempts for SC/ST people is some 6-8 years and their max age is some 24
    and for other castes the numbers are 4 years and 21 years respectively

  2. I think thre has to be major revolution in India for eradication of corrupt politicians like Arjun Singh/Ajit Jogi/Jagdessh Tytlor/KamalNath/All BJP/All Congress/All Yadav Politicians ...
    Hye who will rule this country then?


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