Friday, May 05, 2006

Changing Indian Lifestyle and still ignorant companies

I could have written it as Improving Indian lifestyle but it is actually a more subjective thing to decide. Yesterday while checking out the availability in trains I witnessed a slightly different statistics, unlike earlier times, these days its most difficult to get the costlier AC tickets and Sleeper class tickets are rather easily available.

Its nothing but an evidence of the improving lifestyle of an average Indian. Nowadays ppl are preferring better facilities for little higher costs. for e.g as air travel is becoming more and more accessible with so many new airlines coming in to picture, more and more ppl are now travelling by air. It was difficult for a middle-class person to imagine travelling by air some 2-3 years ago and now its slowly become the default mode of communication.

This trend gives a little idea of how nice the market potential is in India currently. Ppl are getting lot of money and they are ready to spend it for a better life style. If some company like Apple or Sony is still missing Indian markets for their hardware (read IMac, PS3 etc), they are soon going to regret when someone else pics up these markets.

Mobile phone vendors like Motorola have rightly benefitted from the market by introduction of new phones for affordable prices. Only time will tell when these ignorant companies recognize India as a consumer market too rather than only being a cheap labour house.

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