Saturday, July 10, 2004

Planning to shift here

I had a last post almost a month ago. That time I joined to just get a gmail account(people told bloggers are invited by google). I am still in dilema whether to improve my XML/XSL based blog or to start using this one. Many people seems to have started creating blog here, so I guess I will be moving here soon.

By the way I have an update on my Resume. I am now an MS by R student. I will passout in 2006 as MS Computer Vision post graduate(That look cool to me atleast)
by 2005 I will get a B Tech (specialization in Computer Vision) graduate degree.

Now many people are doing MSBR here. I will have the company of some of my Best Friends like Abhishek and Sachin, Nir is planning to join but seems doubtfull.

Probably I may get a PPO from CA, but this time I couln't take the offer as I have decided to go for dual degree course here and think of the
job after one year only.

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