Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bad Bad Luck at felicity competitions ... :(

Yesterday evening, I was informed that our team( different partners) secured good positions in both the contest prelims. Today's final turned out to be not so gr8 after that earlier performance.

In Debug the C-Bug, Ranjith and Me(I?) were doing quite well, until we realized we just didn't have to debug the program but get the desired output which was given. (Ranjith had earlier experience of Debug and has describe to me that we will be given a code and will need to find out what the code is about and make it work. When we were going to show our solved 4 questions, we realized we actually near the correct output in only two of them. Later I spent lot of time in the first question and didn't give much time for Ranjith to do the second question, which was almost solved. After the contest Ranjith described the exact answer to me, and we are still blaming each other for getting the Second Position and not the first. Which we missed by only one question. :(

In Java Jargon, Sachin and me formed the team. it was a total hardluck, we solved so many questions wrong ... Not that we didn't know them but because of no coming back rule maybe. You were suppose to answer the question or leave it before going to next one and there was no coming back. We did the contest too early and didn't utilize the whole team. I do take the blame for that but also blame the organizers for creating quite some confusion with some wrong questions and not keeping enough supply of questions. We didn't get any prize in this contest.

BTW yesterdays' evening programmes were Awesome. I am gonna blog about them when I get more time.

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