Sunday, August 26, 2007

Picnic @ Pragathi Resorts

Pragathi Resorts( was the venue for the latest Team Picnic on the 23rd. It was taken as a second choice after Lahari Resorts (which was booked by its owner for the whole week) was not possible.

The Picnic turned out to be great despite the heavy rains the whole city witnessed that day. I would say the light thunder showers and non sunny weather was infact favourable for the venue. The resort despite whatever it boasts to be basically provides only a single major ride. The (swimming) pool is rather shallow for any kind of swimming. The thing ppl like most was the big mass of water falling from approx 30 ft overhead. (What is the name for that ?)

As far as water sports are concerned you can only play volleyball, which turned out to be good fun too, specially the "splashing the culprit" part after anyone makes a mistake without sounds of "Yahi hey, Yahin hey" etc [:D]. We also played Frisbee in the water.

Post lunch activities started with Musical Chairs, which was fun to see, as ppl ran/raced and did all sorts of thing to keep the chair. Krishna and Antara's run for the chairs was particularly hilarous. The next thing after musical chairs was difficult to decide. Ppl weren't enthu enough to dance and it there were mild showers outside forcing ppl to do things like playing Bang or Antakshari. A few of us like minded ppl however decided to go out and play rain football. I didn't know it would be so much fun. Everyone remembered old days at school or college when they played football and it was definitely worth getting drenched. By the end of the game we all decided to look forward for any opportunities to play the same again. (We did start looking for grassy grounds available for the weekends for the same),

Tips for trips to this resorts:
1) Carry a good swimming costume (the rental/ buying ones are very light quality)
2) Carry Frisbee and Basketball (We got football from them and they also have cricket kits)


  1. cool dude..u had lotsa fun.. :))

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