Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wonderfull Rueda workshop

Last week Soul Club at Somajiguda hosted a great Rueda workshop conducted by Sachin and Deepthi from Spinn Academy over Wed-Fri (3 days). This turned out to be the best Latin dance teaching I have seen in Hyderabad as yet. I should clearly inform that I am more inclined for the Rueda dance compared to Salsa, so my opinion might be biased.
Among other things, I liked the focus on the Spanish names for each step, and also lot of focus on the steps which get the main dance going, i.e the ones like Adios and Damen La (Une, dros and tres).

Don't have the photos to post. Will see I can get them from others in the workshop.

PS: Rueda is a Cuban dance. Some call it Cuban Salsa.

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