Saturday, November 03, 2007

Bike trip to Nagarjuna Sagar

Last Sunday(28th October) the Hyderabad biker's club organized its 17th bike trip. Thanks to Ricky for inviting me to this group I was part of the trip. As usual the bikers met at the Gymkhana grounds near Secunderabad. The schedule was to depart at 5:30 AM from this point but as many bikers requested we decided to leave at 6 AM. I was among the first few who reached at the spot. I didn't even try guessing the bike count initially but as ppl started coming I knew it was a big group.

All the bikes lined up during a midway stop

In all we rode on 16 bikes with hardly 2 pillions riders. Making us 18 in number. The bikes included CBZ, Pulsars(150s, 200), Karizmas(mine + 1 more :)), Machismos, Avengers, Unicorn. As we started, Firdaus informed the newcomers like me about the headlights on gesture, which the group follows throughout the trip. It indeed helped us locate others during the busy traffic :)

A photo on the way

The distance to the destination is around 160 KMs, the road is great for most part, the few of us who were to check the highest speeds on their bike did have long runs at speeds in range 110-120. The best part according to me was when all of the bikes would giving that acceleration/racing sound. Imagine 16 bikes together making that sound. So was the case with the horns too. The ride was completed pretty quickly and we were at the destination in less than 3 hours even with around 20 minutes stoppage on the way. We had food at an APTDC certified restaurant and it was pretty clean and good, so thats not a major issue. The weather was very pleasant for the going part of the journey and the return weather wasn't much harsh either.
Like I said the few of us who were fast and furious after taking lot of lead had a photosession :)

The Dam is pretty dry at this part of the year, but the waterfalls which are just 11 KMs aways from the Dam remain active and attractive. The photos should speak about it. From the side of the waterfalls' lowest point we were able to see a small crocodile too, so definitely its not the water fall where you would like to take a dip or bath :) There were other small water bodies around though where ppl were enjoying themselves.
Just a glimpse of the waterfall, many more photos in the album

We were not in a mood to try the longer trek which was supposedly gonna take 2 hrs, but for trekkers it might be an interesting one. You can observe the water falls from the points where they start according to the local guide, but it would be advisable to take one of those local folks along anyways as the trek is pretty much along the forest.
Almost the whole group

The return journey took us more than 3 hrs due to the heavier traffic but it was not too bad. We were back to Hyderabad by around 5 PM . The drive in the city towards our own places took another 30-40 minutes and was certainly the most difficult one after biking for all that long. Bike trips are indeed very tiring but nonetheless very exciting and full of fun.

More Photos here:

tips for bike trip:
1) Hand grip, Wind cheater and proper helmet(with visor) is a must.
2) Be careful about Air pressure on the tyres (specially for higher speed riding).
3) Careful about long trips, 320 was tiring enuf.


  1. whats that guy doing wearing a swastika?

  2. He left me wondering too. I was rather puzzled if he was a Nazi fanboy, he said the symbol wasn't Nazist neither Swastik.

  3. Wtf are u cribbin about...?? I once went to nagarhun sagar on a cycle trip(yes...a Bi-Cycle) It took 10 hours of non -stop cycling to get there.... Beat that...

  4. @anony2: What makes u think I am cribbing.

    Btw its one thing to be adventurous another to be insane/stupid, we were only interested in first and enjoy, noone aimed at attaining a feat :)

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