Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spanish Movie Festival at Hyderabad

Just wanted to mention how much fun it was going to Spanish Film Festival hosted at Prasads multiplex by Moving Image and Casa De La India among others. It was a 3 day film festival started with Friday night showing Miguel and William, pretty nice romantic comedy.
Saturday morning they screen the 13 Roses, which probably tops on my list of most tragic and yet interesting delivered stories along with another one which I missed and have no idea about.
Sunday morning the movies screen were again amazing, The Habition de Fermat (Fermat's room), Siete mesas de billar frances (7 billiards tables) and The Oxford Murders. [ A more detailed post here.

The response was amazing with the normal hall being almost full and requiring them to screen the last movie in IMAX hall. The music between the movies was amazing, I am glad I was able to find it by email-ing to the organizers :) The music I liked the most was Ay! de mi by Antonio carmonas and Mala Rodrigue. Seems like other music tracks were also by Antonio Carmonas.

Thank you all the organizers and sponsors, hope to see another movie festival soon.

BTW, the publicity of the event was not up to the marks, I wonder how we got to know of it only by chance. Would be nice to popularize such events online by going to social networks.


  1. I was just wondering whether you know any place where you can rent Spanish/Argentine movies in Hyderabad

  2. @Sanjoy: Unfortunately the last time I inquired there was no well known option.

    I would think getting in touch with CIEFL or Maitrise Hyderabad would help.