Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SF2G Bike rides from San Francisco to Mountain View

After gaining some basic long rides practice I finally decided to give a shot to the SF2G rides. Given the preparation and practice I had it did look like a stupid idea but some one offered to make it a no-one-left-behind ride and that left me no excuses :)

There a 4 well known/documented routes available from, the Bayway is the considered the simplest one and definitely the one to start with for beginners. The route is pretty easy indeed with mostly flat roads (except for 3 small inclines in the beginning) and also most of the time roads with little risks to bicyclists because of dedicated lanes and less traffic, which comes at the cost of making the directions pretty complicated. Even after doing my second ride already I am not sure I can complete the ride without some one else leading the way.

The route is very scenic and if the weather gets favourable like it did last 2 rides for it, it makes the 42 miles ride of about 3-3:30 hour go by quickly.
On the way waiting for fellow ride to change the tube after a flat

If you are a biker in San Francisco city heading to South Bay feel free to join us on one of these rides. Note that There are other sub-routes of shorter distances like Millbrae to MV and Foster city to MV and such. Visit the website for more details.

Additional fun things: Use "My tracks" app in Android phones to track your path and get detailed stats about the rides.

View Sf2g 2 in a larger map

Sorry not enough photos from this ride, may be using Street view would help :)


  1. Earlier I thought this was a joke. Unbelievable that people actually cover that distance on bike to go to work.

  2. @Abhishek: Its very real, and the people here do much more strenuous ride, so much that this is now like a no-op for them.

    I know ppl who do 100+ miles a day :)