Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Google Does it Again...

Seeing Google's moves in past few days anyone would expect Google to be one of the company which has become Microsoft's nightmare. The good part is since M$ is a company everyone(I mean sensible one) love to hate, Google becomes the company which they love.
[Update: New reasons to hate M$ as demanded by M$ lovers : ]

Sometime ago we were just speculating about what kind of partnership with a Microsoft competitor should Google be looking forward too. Google and Apple combo came to my mind, Google and IBM is much expected combination, then Google and HP etc the list can go on. To our surprize Google has finally joined efforts with Sun to combat the evil. There collaboration's outcome can only be speculated still, since they haven't given any clearcut statements.

The most speculated is their effort to work on a Web based version of Open Office. For those who don't know there are already lots of applications to show the power of web AJAX word processor, AJAX spreadsheet, AJAX calendar, AJAX presentation-building software, AJAX e-mail client, AJAX note-taking software.
More in related events is Sun's President post on his blog , the world is about to change.


  1. Sun is a spent horse, after its 1 billion$ deal with the same M$ which you love to hate. About Google, well if you had gone through the whole agreement between them its just that SUN will provide kind of pluggins in their systems (such as open office)...So you may see things like google toolbar and google suggests, in Ooffice and similar products. Anythig new ?? or anything that threatens M$ ?? No baby its still not there!! Then why do this hullabaloo??

  2. hi .
    back to google - M$ war again ..
    just one small problem with what you have said .. Google becomes your favourite because you hate m$ .. just because m$ sux does'nt mean that google does'nt. If monopoly is all that you are worried about .. which way is Google heading btw ?? and opensource .. bullshit .. Google supoprts opensource the same way that Australians support the "gentleman's game" cricket.
    another thing ..
    AJAX works on XMLHTTPRequest which is a M$ thing, released way back in 1998. Google decided to harness the power of AJAX now, the thing that M$ had been doing for a loooog time through Outlook web interface and it's sites ( for example ) .. by the way .. M$ is about to release Atlas in ASP 2.0 which is it's AJAX implementation, and when I say it's AJAX implementation, it means that they are providing easier interfaces and greater flexibility to AJAX. Simples interfaces and services to do the work that required writing heavy javascript.
    sorry if this was rude, but it's about time you stopped loving things that are anti M$.

  3. Good to see some M$ lover finally give some logical reasoning rather than all that big-money-company-rocks because if most people use its software it-must-be-the-best reasons.

    @Anonymous: I have read the whole thing and So you should have done, I clearly wrote its speculated..., BTW did you read M$ finally accepting to support PDF export (Adobe-is-our-enemy-but-we-can't-help thing because states are beginnign to realize the losses of being covered by Monopolism).
    BTW did you mean M$ spent Sun, I agree on that bit, but then Its never too late to come back to your sense.

    @Utkarsh: The M$ sux-so-google-rocks statement is for general public(read "everyone"), Me and you know how Google has simply dominated the web and how its a dream company for almost all the people in IT or CSE.

    Great M$ finaly has something to their Invention name, I am afraid if they are going to ask Royalties for that too. They use the free(as in No royalties) internet, free TCP/IP, free XML, free HTTP
    they can surely provide at least one good thing back to the world. And if they new their XMLHTTPRequest inventions potential why didn't they make great use of it before Google Did? (BTW Google didn't invent Jabber protocol too, but its the one making the most widespread use of Jabber and making Jabber popular through Gtalk). Did google invent Websearch no!

    Did google claim to be inventor of AJAX, they are simply the ones who showed how powerful AJAX can be. (Refer to Nirnimesh comment in previous war, intelligence is not about doing different things by doing things differently). Only time I heard of was once when some news came about M$ making yahoo personalized look-a-like that in year 2005!

  4. Ok . since you started it ..
    Your first para still does'nt make any sense to me .. "Googles rox because M$ sux" ?? See we are sooo disillusioned with M$ that any comapny that comes within range to giving competetion to it, we automatically start liking it. What the company does, hardly matters to us, even if it's following M$ footstpes itself.
    And as for AJAX, all I was trying to say was, Google has basically done the same thing that M$ has been doing all this while. Fine they have made a better application, but at the heart of it, it's the same technology. They have just packaged it better.

    And more news for you ..
    Atlas web pages won't be browser dependent, but will be flexible enough to support all browsers. They have made the Javascript for such applications totally OOPS oriented. Now, I guess thatz a step in the right direction. If a company that has put in so much investment in it's application ( the IE browser here ) is willing to make a IDE that would be supported by competing applications than I guess you HAVE to appreciate it.

  5. we are sooo disillusioned with M$ that any comapny that comes within range to giving competetion to it, we automatically start liking it. What the company does, hardly matters to us, even if it's following M$ footstpes itself.
    That was the funniest thing ever, Google Following M$ footsteps, Dude you seriously need to read some technology site not influenced by M$( I recommend /.)
    AS far as web is concerned M$ is just a follower of Google and Yahoo. Did you hear some Gtalk competition they are bringing, Some Adsense's one, No I don't want to list examples again read it from the web.

    Ofcourse technology remains the same, its about presentation and appeal to users and quality of software, Do HTTP or TCP/IP have a M$ alternative? They don't. You don't need to re-invent the wheel, you need to improve it.

    The last para is funny more than the first one. We have had this kind of discussion earlier. When M$ break standard you M$ supporters say hey M$ has the
    'wisdom' or 'power' too do thing the way they like, Now when its following standard you are appreciating them, don't you see contradiction in your statement?
    And when does it justify to go orthogonal to the standards and produce something which work only on your software and say you have done RESEARCH?
    FYKI Web has a well defined specification documented by, and Yeah M$ has been reluctant to follow it and produced its own web-standard(so called M$ HTML) unless other browsers started giving competition and developers demanded standardization.

    Do you see a point in appreciating them over their support to PDF too? They can't just avoid it man! They are doing it to stay in bussiness not doing it for others...

    BTW Do read about SAJAX (already a implementation of simple/AJAX implementation for PHP and many other languages)

  6. Ahem, ahem !!
    No Comments on either G@@gle or M$...

    I would rather prefer to be an IBM or an Accenture and enjoy the best of everything available...

  7. @Vardhman
    Wasnt AJAX just a terminology to mean the functionality of using XML + HTTP + JAVASCRIPT that was used by MS Outlook. Or the conversation style thats there in Outlook. I dont mean to condone the evil or M$; but neither am i ready to condone the evil of google; its just a time-bomb of privacy waiting to explode.

  8. first thing ..
    when I said FOLLOWING M$ FOOTSTEPS .. I meant .. the business line ( as in monopoly, that Opensource guys love to talk about all the time )
    and next thing ..
    you said ..
    You need not reinvent the wheel .. you just need to improve it.
    thatz what M$ is doign with Atlas.
    Finally ..
    Do you see a point in releasing the Windows Version of MPlayer, CVS and other such stuff. See, both of these are co-exisitng. Both support each other and yet .. everytime M$ comes out doing something good .. the GEEKS take it as another oppertunity to prove that M$ has realized that it sux.
    and finally , another thing ..
    I AM NOT A M$ supporter.
    Slashdot .. is'nt a M$ influenced site but I won't call it totally impartial either. Juse because you like /. does'nt mean that it rox, ditto for Google.

  9. and another thing ..
    You seriously need to read some business magzine that is not Google influenced .. Business World for example. There was an articlae by Someone deliberating over which way is Google headed.

  10. Between all these emotional outbursts may I ask 1 simple question: "What is MS for?" "What is google for?", Why do companies create technology?

    Well if you think that they do it just to increase the level of Global-Gyan then I guess you may continue with you catfight.

    Well if you think the objective is money, business or something like this, may be then you may consider reading this. Well what is MS doing? Earning money from OS (why should it care a damn about opensource till it holds 90% market), Google is earning money from ads (does that make it an advertising company, even if yes why do I poke my nose into its business policy). And why do M$ care even a pint about AJAX or anything else. If it gives it money it will use it and if does not, it won't. If the usage of a technology makes technical/business sense I use it. And how does this usage make MS or any other company a moron.(well ur language M$ s***s resouds this)

    And why as an end user should I have to make an outcry about the source of technologies which Google, MS or SUN use. They provide solutions if i like them I use them if I don't like them I don't use them. If I have enough balls to make a better solution I make it. There are developer communities which aim for this...and may be this is why opensource originated. Isn't it?

    Isn't technology creation be a better line of debate than cursing the big ones and their methods.

  11. wow man..itna controversial to discussion forum ban gaya hai...chalo lage raho..good luck :D:D...i think both companies are good in what they do..they generate business and make profits..thats for their good..what good we get out of it is of no concern to why r u fighting...