Sunday, November 20, 2005

Time to grow up to Web 2.0

I visit regularly to the sites and also other like or, specially during matches that Indian cricket team is a part of.

These site however good they might be in terms of data they are providing suck bigtime in there presentation. In a cricket match when a ball is bowled every 1 minute or less, the slow refreshing of page irritates me. I don't understand how they could be so foolish as to not apply simple AJAX technologies to update only the variable part after each ball, where the variable part could be the figures(numbers), or even ads.

Instead they want to load the whole shit page with loads of images (browser and proxy server might apply some intelligence internally) almost same in there content. They page display goes off for a while and the user is simply supposed to wait till the page refreshes.

Another bad thing that happens with cricinfo is some times it goes back in history and shows up old score. Not sure whos fault it is browser, or the website or the proxy server but basically it sucks when you wait for the latest score seeing the page reloading slowly and see a score 10 balls earlier.

It good time the lesser known site put these technologies and come up with a better interface when the old once just hang around the old interface. Or rather some of us could write a better webpage aggregating all these scores from all the sites and displaying them properly ?


  1. no buddy! they refreshes very fast as far as i know.. check ur internet speed or change ur browser

  2. My point is that they just load almost 10 times the data that need to loaded. If they can avoid so by making a Gmail like interface instead of the old rediffmail interface, the user will have a much better experience.
    As far as b/w is concerned I have a pretty good connection. But when it comes to pay for amount of data downloaded ppl will of course like to have an efficient data fetcher.