Saturday, November 26, 2005

The worst ever Spectator

The spectators of Calcutta have shown the worst ever behaviour by any spectator, far beyound what could have been expected. Oh! I forgot Its not the first time, they did back the same thing in same stadium in a world cup match against Srilanka. When they threw bottles etc on the ground.
The least step that should be taken is to close the stadium for any ODI match from now on. You can't win the heart of ppl who have so strong regional feeling that they have to go anti-Indian team for expulsion of their so called prince.
Those lossers don't imagine how many places the match have been held in the country and if it is possible to keep at least one local hero in the team for each such match. Should the Hyderabadi people cry against VVS Laxman not being in team? And this way will it be possible for any player from Bangalore to be out of team when a match has to be held in Bangalore? Should a person like so called prince be in the team only for playing for the local spectators?
I used to be a Gangully admirer until recently, I only felt that he was passing through his bad time, and had his weaknesses that he can work around, but recent developments have turned truly me Anti-Gangully and anti his supporters. Every person who played in the team had at some team leave the team for the arrival for better once, why is then this fuss about Gangully.
India is a big country and the team can only have 11 good players, those player should be the chossen by performance and not by the number of supporters they have or the region they represent. If such is the sentiment of ppl from Calcultta, The team should better not accept any young cricketer from that part of country for its ODI team in future.

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