Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mysore, Bandipur, Ooty trip

On weekend of July 5th-6th, we started on a trip to 'places' around Bangalore with a vague plan which was jotted over a group chat of 15 minutes :). Out of various options that came up, Wayanad, Bandipur, Ooty etc Majj came up with a good plan which made everyone happy. The plan was Start from Bangalore to Mysore, stay overnite, Bandipur next morning, and then Ooty and drive back in the night.

The journey for Sachin and I, stated on a interested note, when we boarded Kacheguda-Yashwantpur exp which departs form Kacheguda at 9:15 PM at just about time it was departing in such a situation that we had to walk approx 8 boogies to reach ours. The MMTS train from hitech station (scheduled departure 8:24 PM) turned out to be a risky choice to catch this train.

As we started on Saturday afternoon from Bangalore, there was a suggestion to consolidate the plan, overruled :). We decided to have the trip as ad-hoc as possible. We started for Mysore and decided to spend some time at the famous Mysore Palace, which thanks to the guide turned out to be very informative and interesting tour compared to one that I had some 2 years back without a guide. After this we went to the famous Church. Which is beautiful, though I found big similarities to one I have seen in Medak. The Vrindavan garden trip came a little too late so we could only see the Light and Sound Fountain show. Which is okay for one time visit.

Next morning we started for Bandipur on the decided time of 4 AM to reach Bandipur by 6 AM for the first Safari tour. The tour started at 6:30 AM and ran for one year. Before the tour even started we had seen at least Deers and Wild bores. The extra animal seen on the safari were Elephants, Bisons, Spotted Deers and some birds including Peacock and Eagle. All these animals were also seen while we drove back from Ooty.

Ooty trip was short and quick, we would spend around 8-10 hrs of the day before returning back at around 5 PM because they seemingly close the city gates after that time.

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