Saturday, September 06, 2008

10th Anniversay of IIIT Hyderabad, remembering good college old days :)

On 2nd September 2008, IIIT Hyderbad its 10th Foundation day. It was a Tuesday so not many Alumni could make it but few of us did. As expected it was great time to recall some of the great memories of college time.
I heard some great speeches from some of the profs and then from Hemanth Gogeneni and Vipul amongst Alumni. The great moments were recalled about how the first batch students took the risk of joining the college when there was little name and assurance but just promises. I recalled when I was joining the college and all that was known about the college was the great course structure and quality of education and that the college was going to get a deemed university status soon. Many of us remained confussed even after joining but on August 21st, 2008 when we got the Deemed status, we celebrated, we danced around the bonfire.

Vipul helped recalling some of the moments, like the "interraction with the seniors", the "holi at the hostels" and the similar others.
Prof Sangal reminded of the great days we had at the beginning of our UG, when the college didn't have too many rules and when internet was made available in the hostles, some of us from the first few batches would recall missing those classes in the morning because we played TT or Quake all night :). Remembering the second semester whenever I used to come out of my room and think of going to classes all the neighbouring rooms would be bolted from inside, giving me enough reason to go back to sleep :)

I recall a particular semester where the attendance rule was introduced and ppl didn't seriously believe that we would lose grades for not attending the classes and ended up losing 2 to 3 grades in some cases :)

Beyond these there were some discussion about how IIIT H, should we reaching newer heights in next decade and what kind of help we cud be to the society etc...

I cudn't catch the whole of it, but the little that I did was totally worth taking half day off from work. It feels great proud to be Alumni of the institute. As Vipul said, the upcoming batches would definitely miss the kind of experience the early batches had in the kind of bonding that we had in the moment of uncertainity and when we didn't have a great brand name to leverage upon, but sure they get to be part of a great college's early years when every one can contribute very significantly to taking the name of the college to next level.

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