Friday, August 26, 2005

Absense at convocation

Many friends took out time for asking if all is well, when they found me missing at convocation. Good to know if you are really missed by some ppl at times :).

Well nothing is bad at my camp, It was just an urgent call for a Hyd-Chennai-Jbp-Hyd trip for me. It was because its first Rakhi after my sister's wedding in May this year, its a custom for brother to bring sister back to house for some time.

Since I Couldn't think of a big break, I made the trip as short as possibly I left Hyd on 17 eve (train at 8:10 PM), reached Chennai on 18th Morn(10 AM) left from there at 1:30 PM with Didi, reached home on 19the even(6:30PM) left from home at 20th morn(7:30AM) and was here on 21st (4:30 AM). Didi was left at home to come back later.

That was surely one of the most hectic trips ever. But reaching home was sufficiently refreshing to help me neglect the troubles incurred. The backward journey was cool too, met this very young kid, took some snaps and videos through the window and read the book "The tipping point", along with some lengthy discussions with a person which need to be blogged seperately.

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