Saturday, August 27, 2005

Even BSNL can respond so well?

Ppl don't understand the importance of feedbacks/suggestions/complaints and simply feel that they are wasting their time by giving these valuable inputs to the vendor/service provider. Well I have different stand on it and I, though my own experience believe that any competitive person or company in the world will positively receive the feedbacks and improve upon to the best possible limits.

Therefore when I face problems with some service I would better send a feedback report to the service provider(SP) than simply curse them. How can you ever expect the SP to even know about the issues unless they are reported to them? Of course the next part is SP's duty to respond appropriate to the feedback.

Therefore I just thought calling BSNL customer care and telling them the problems of weak signal strength inside the campus. I did that on Monday 22nd and was told that some action will be taken by Friday. So I called up today (27th) again and explained them the problem again, on asking how they will get back to me they told "the problem will be forwarded to the technical team and they will respond to you on this number itself". To my surprise by the evening 8:30 they tried calling my number for verifying the problem and upon talking to them I was told some good news.
Firstly acknowledged the problems and told that they were expanding their network's capacity to 2 times the current one and this will be completed within 1 month, Moreover the Gachibowli signal problems is going to be resolved sooner by establishment of new equipments.

Hoping to have better BSNL service soon.

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  1. I always knew you can do it!!
    U did it Google !!
    Vaise party kab de rahe ho????
    (BSNL users get ready)