Saturday, August 06, 2005

Finally: my first KDE commit

After lots of postponements my first commit to kde svn comes up. Here is the picture showing the proof of the same. My nick is jaiva (3 chars for surname and 2 for name :) )


Now some learnings about checkin
1) In case of KDE it was a command in the format
svn co svn+ssh://
Not svn co https://... which I initially tried and came to know about this https_proxy variable today only.
You are asked the passphrase for you ssh key and you login.

2) After getting the code, you copy(I mean simple cp) your file/dir to the appropriate place in the checkout directory and give a command svn add

3) Next command is svn checkin . You might need to set up $SVN_EDITOR variable, I did export SVN_EDITOR=vim and on giving the checkin command, vim was lauched with a file where I could write my comments.

4) svn revert and svn del command were also needed when I messed up the thing first time.

What is not clear still is about .deps files creation and whether they should be checked in and also Makefile and should be checked in or not. I will get it clarified and update this post.


For memories... :) of my first successful(?) endeavour towards obtaining a bigger userbase for my code, and becoming a contributor.

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