Sunday, December 18, 2005

Still bad at reading mails?

I hate to spam the students mailing list, so here I express my frustation. I hope the blogroll is visited by enuf number of ppl to convey the mesg.
Well I wrote a mail to a group saying something like
> The Dean has asked me to collect the name of students (with their
> signatures) who would be willing to take the course in the current
> semester.
> The course students will need to pay
> (i) Advance amount of Rs 150/- per head
> (ii) Per month fees upto 100/- per head.
> The institute is paying some part of the fees too. The fees paid
> by students will probably go in to the cost of material.
> if you are interested and ready to pay the required fees, please
> signup on the paper which is available with me (address below in sign). I
> will not be collecting any fees now.

(My Address)

And now I get replies like: "where can I meet you to sign the sheet", "Please tell me where and whom to pay the fees", "Please tell me where to come and sign", "please tell me blah blah".

Is it not very clear what is to be done? Or do the ppl expect me to reply each and every query mail for them? or probably I have to figure out how to write more clearly.
Finally here is the summary "If you'r interested in attending this course in current semester, please come and signup the paper on my desk in CVIT (ask someone where I sit, if I am not here)."

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