Friday, December 16, 2005

Une Visit à le Google Hyderabad office

I was told by someone that Google Hyderabad office shows their innovativeness from the reception itself. It indeed did. They don't have the normal office signup. They do it digitally, you are given a keyboard and a display LCD you type in your details, and signup on a sign-pad. A print comes out and then they paste it on your shirt as your id.

On the reception itself you have those Colored Balloons and Balls (those in symbol of Google labs). This doesn't stop here. There is more, they have a screen in which there is a globe rotating and some facts etc appearing at the bottom. Somethings like each light in the map mean a google search, and each language is indicated by a different colored light. Blue for French, Red for english etc. One other display shows you some keywords which I guess was the some recently hit search query (but it should be hard to list all isn't it?)
When you get in you can see something like other corporate office until you reach the place where there are lots of choclates, biscuits etc to pick up from. The cafeteria is too good in itself, the lunch we had was good too :), Now I understand when they stress so much on the food part of in their offers (Pre Placement talk).

The next interesting thing was the leisure room where you can see ppl playing guitar, a synthosizer, and some resting and relieving chair etc. At many places you wud see some interesting small note by the employees. What else, the ppl are real cool too.


  1. All the best for future visits (i hope there will be more) to google hyd. pick few nice candies 4 us while u r at it -- shrenik & rajul

  2. Hi, kinda curious , so y were u guys at google office??am curious cause we were there too for the interview for internship. What abt u ??

  3. We had a interview call too :) No itimation since then :(

  4. [Update] I got a job offer from Google Hyderabad!

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