Saturday, December 24, 2005

Successfully placed...

Ok its time to write about my job offer. I have been offered a job at David Sarnoff Research Center or in short Sarnoff, Bangalore. Which is surely one of the best jobs in my college's campus placements this year, not only because of the Company's Name and the work but also in terms of their pay package ;-)

Okay I understand ppl may not know what Sarnoff is. So I have almost got accustomed to tell ppl some facts about the company
  • Formerly known as RCA(Radio Corporation of America).
  • Invented the Digital Telivision and HDTV
  • Invented the LCD
  • Plays important role in various standards, like MPEG2, MPEG4 etc.
  • Major Role in development of CMOS technology
  • Many more things which I wonder when I read the book given by them to us :)
That should give you some idea about how great I felt when I got the offer. The company's PPT was simply very impressive for any one to try hard for getting in it. We had the advantage that these ppl focused on what they are going to put us into and not into those apptitude test kinda questions.

The company in all took 4 ppl from the college others are Ranjith, Manikandan, and Natraj.


  1. Congrats, google.. When and where is the treat?

  2. I dunno if the name Google still holds true or not.
    I will give you a treat in next month. I have run out of money currently, and struggling to arrange funds for my hostel and mess fess.

    The place will be decided at suitable time;)

  3. first of all Congrats!
    And waiting to see some more additions in that list of inventions and that too from u playing a major role there !